Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures by Andre Rushing

“We are all children of God, but don’t always realize it. That is why we sometimes fall short in our morality and endeavors. To have faith is to have wings. Everyone has wings, but only those with faith know how to use them.” — Andre Rushing

American born artist Andre Rushing has created a series of sculptures which appear whimsical in nature but contain deeper meaning. They portray a profound interest in the human condition and the insights humanity displays in response to that condition. He calls this series “Angels”, but says they are more people than angel. The wings represent freedom. Rushing has a belief that everyone has the power of wings and angels.

The great talent of Rushing as an artist is revealed by his method – all fine details are left off — just the power of the feelings of the human condition remain.



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Item No. Title Description Edition
P.001-01B Addiction 19"x15x15" sculpture in bronze 50 $1900
P.002-01B Book of Ages 16"x10"x14.5" sculpture in bronze 50 $1400
P.003-01B The Good Angel 20.125"x15.25"x19" sculpture in bronze 50 $2800

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